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Why Write.

We all have hopes and dreams for the best of life. As an author we hope for success and the ability to create a book worthy of great reviews, However in this world where everyone is writing books on a multitude of different subjects it is sometimes difficult to find the right words to capture your audience.and hold their attention. Do not expect fame and fortune. Write because it's your passion, having no expectations of grandeur. In our dreams it is fanciful to want the best for the efforts you put forth. Many times and most often it takes years for your book to get recognized, keep up with interesting advertisements as you draw in new friends and readers.

At present I am wrapping up my book Giselle, a documented narrative of life within our family. It is a heart wrenching, sensitive story of displacement during world war I, a love story with a catastrophic ending. It tells of secrets unknown until recently, which will blow your mind as it did ours. Often we think we know our history, where we came from and where we're going only to find we are not at all who we thought we were. This new book will open your eyes insisting that you dig into your own past and uncover many secrets that you were never intended to find. Yet, we are entitled to know our history and revel in the wonder of how it came to be and feel the emotions of those involved in creating your own life. 

Write because you love to tell stories and dig deep within yourself to find creativity and awe inspiring tales and adventures to stimulate your audience.

Wishing each of you the best of all your dreams come true.  

- Carol

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