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About Me

I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts to Joseph and Lillian, aka Nicki Cottone, we had an extraordinary life. My mother was a stay-at-home mom who worked as a Retoucher for Loring studios in Hartford Ct. She was an artist and fun loving being with whom I had a very close relationship. She always had a book in her hand and was well versed in many subjects.  My father on the other hand, was a well renown athlete who was a straight A student earning himself full scholarships to both Dean Junior College and Dartmouth where he was a Three-star letter recipient for football, basketball and baseball. He was induced into 5 Halls of fame. 

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My Story

I was born while my dad was earning his masters at Springfield college in Massachusetts.  In these early years I had an older brother Marc, in the times to follow my brother Jay and two sisters Michele and Elizabeth Ann were born. We were a feisty bunch each excelling within the gifts God had given us. 

In Junior high school I found an interest in learning to play the piano and guitar and also found somewhere inside of me an incredible singing voice lingered.  I began singing with the high school orchestra for school events and felt the warmth of the stage lights as I closed my eyes and imaged, I was singing under the stars to thousands of on lookers. The bug had bitten me and I proceeded to take guitar lessons and study voice with the famed Camille La Fratta and Despina Yolanis of the Hartford Conservatory of music at the University of Hartford. 

After graduating high school, I made the decision to attend Manchester Community College as I tried to find my way to success. My interests were in law and medicine. I decided to become a Respiratory Therapist as I was able to work seven days a week twenty-four hours a day if I choose. My career spanned some 48 years. In 2005 I earned my degree from the California College of Health Sciences. 

During my education I worked weekends singing with my band every weekend. I also co- founded The Wethersfield Teen Theater Company and The Rockland Street Revue. These theater groups were designed for teenagers who had an interest in performing and voice. Many went on to great success and fame in their own right. I wrote, produced and directed plays once or twice a year to the delight of many.  And I must mention the yearly Christmas concerts held outside under the pines. 

In the beginning of this madness, I married Joe Choomack and had a son Joshua. In time I became a single mom taking on the biggest responsibility of my life. I am ever grateful that my son turned out to be a wonderful and successful businessman for whom I now work in the business of law. I never could have succeeded without the support of my ex-husband. 

After retirement from hospital life, I had a need to heal others and found a peacefulness in the ancient art of Reiki. It is an art form of healing using energy and breathing techniques. I studied for five years before obtaining my degree of this 2000-year-old art form from the Usui school of Japan. 

Quite by chance in 2012 I met Armin Hirmer online and we began speaking daily. I fortunately came to know his many secrets. One day while in Church I had a direct order from God. This voice came out of the ceiling and said in the loudest of voices.  “Write of Him.” My verbal retort was. “Write of Whom?” the voice answered. “Write The Archer.” And that is how my career as a writer began. 

My mom through the years inspired me to write as she thought I had a way with words and could be an impressive writer so I followed her good advice. Of course, I have much to learn yet and one day I might impress myself. 

I was honored at the Mark Twain annual Ball in Hartford Conn in 2014 for the writing of The Archer. I have had book signings at Barnes and Noble in Naples Florida and at the Silas Robbins Bed and Breakfast in Old Wethersfield, Connecticut. I enjoyed my interview on Wave Radio from Rhode Island, I was told I had a 10- minute spot that turned out to be 40 minutes. 

I also was Interviewed at WTNH channel 8 TV in New Haven, Connecticut by Ryan Kristafer for both The Archer and Behind the Glass Door.  Ryan is now host of Good Morning New York on channel 5 Fox News.  My poems have been published in Treasures to Discover, an anthology of works where I won The Editor’s Choice award.

It is my hope that you have learned a bit about me and have an interest in reading my works. 

Thank You for your kindness and support. 


-  Carol Cottone Choomack


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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