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Who is this Author you follow? 

I am one that time has had its way with and in that time I have learned a million things, as my intent to learn one more thing I didn't know the day before. My interests are many, taking you on a journey of Incredible wonders.

 I worked in medicine for 48 years and back in the day I had to decide between Law or medicine. I felt a need to protect and take care of others so choose the later career. 

I also had and still do have an interest in geology, oceanography, Egyptology, forensics, Sailing,and was born to be a singer who carries a bow in her hand.  

I taught voice and have studied voice for many years as the production of sound and the excellence of the perfect voice is a learned process stretching over many years of study. In my youth my mother always insisted that I write books as she thought I had a way with words and could tell a great story. It was in 2012 that I met The Archer whose friendship I found to be most interesting. Soon I received a direct message from the lord to write of him. "Write The Archer."  were his exact  words to me. And so my journey began to extend into Behind the Glass Door, Samantha's Rig and multiple childrens books. and poems for which I was awarded the editors choice awards and honored at the Mark Twain Gala Ball. I have been honored to have interviews on radio and television on several occasions. I view each of these endeavors as gifts of learning experiences.. And I encourage you to go forward and make mistakes along your way for that is the only way to perfection and knowledge. Be aware of all that is around you and a part of you for in that knowing, you will become the shining star you were meant to be. 

If any of you have any questions please feel free to ask away at 

Have a blessed New Year of 2024 and my God Guide you in a perfect way.   


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