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The magic of writing ‘The Archer’

How it all began.

It all begins with an idea, a special thought or a special someone who in one way or another impressed you. However, in the writing of ‘The Archer’. I was given a directive by the Voice of God to write of ‘Him’. Those were the exact words given to me while at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral during mass, in Hartford, Connecticut. It was mind blowing and I thought for certain I was losing my mind and considered admitting myself to the Institute of Living a psychiatric facility across the street. I even asked the voice that came to me. “Write of whom?” The voice answered. “Write of him, write ‘The Archer’.” The voice was booming and I was certain other parishioners heard the directive. However, no other heads turned but mine, no one heard the same booming voice that disturbed my prayerful thoughts.

Immediately, I went to the Cove in Wethersfield where I went every Sunday after mass. I would look over the water and contemplate my life and all the things I had accomplished and wondered what more I could do to please the Lord.

I got in touch with Armin, with whom I had been speaking to for several months and asked what he thought. Without hesitation he said. “Yes, write “.

Immediately, I dove into meditation and visualization. Trying to find my way into his story. At night I would pray to find my way into Armin’s mind and inner most thoughts as I had to become one with him in order to write a tale that would take my readers on a most memorable journey into his life. I was frightened and butterflies filled my stomach daily, hoping I could do the job successfully. With Armin’s help and guidance, I found my way as I began a sixteen-month journey of writing 6-to 10 hours a day.

The Archer is basically the true story of Armin’s journey through life. Of course, It is an inspirational book of a sensitive nature bringing the reader into the discipline of Tai Chi, the world of Tolle, the Dao and others who proclaim universal philosophies. It teaches lessons not only about the ego but also about the bow and the connection between mind, body and soul and the heightened sense of spirituality that encompasses one’s being. It is the connection of earth, wood, the universe and your ability as the Archer to feel the connection.

I would add fiction along the way as I developed his character in those times of the 6th century China. I successfully introduced his father who had abandoned him as a young man and too of a past love interest who followed him throughout centuries of time, mingling between the present and the past.

This book will assist you in learning how to live your best life in gratefulness, appreciation, honor and gratitude.

It is my hope that you will enjoy this read and write a review if the spirit moves you.

Thank You as always.


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