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The Amazing Ryan Kristafer.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

People ask where my characters come from. One that appears in Samantha's Rig is Ryan Kristafer. Ryan was once my voice student maybe 12 years ago or so. He was at the time a host at the Mohegan Sun Casino. He always knew hosting and voice work was his calling.

When my first books came out, he was then working at WTNH TV out of New Haven, Connecticut, and an cohost for the show he had me on, and we did interviews together on both the archer and behind the glass door. So in SAMANTHA’s Rig, I had a place where I needed a newscaster in the story and that’s how he made it into my book. He seems just as excited about it as I am!

Ryan is a wonderful young man. Ryan just got voted one of the 40 most influential people up-coming in his business. He will go very far and I love him dearly.

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