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Positive Thoughts Bring Positive Outcomes

In the scheme of life we often meet people who are the most outwardly unlikely people to give great advice. It may be their appearance, attitude or ambience that throws us off kilter. Sometimes their gruffness or scowling facial contortions are a turn off..As with all things it is not up to us to judge for each of us are different and each of us has been endowed with unusual gifts.

My tale for today is that I had such a meeting with one who was able to reinforce my confidence by reassuring me of my worth and talents when I often question myself. Be positive in knowing your own worth, walk forward without doubt. lift your head high and puff your chest out believing in yourself without question. For you become what you think you are. Do not put yourself down or call yourself names as often I do when I can't seem to do things right for then I succumb to my own insecurities. I for one must remember to never doubt myself. I must always be the warrior woman who, forever, is pulling up her boot straps and continuing to walk into the future with the hope of promise for every day to come.

When I become frustrated in my writing I stop for several days then resume with a new reassurance that the right words will find their way to my fingertips to tell my story from the heart and beyond. If I can manage this, so too can you.

Wishing each of you a positive experience as you find your confidence and success along the way. Have a great Sunday with sunshine and joy in all you do.

- Carol

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