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My Legacy

Most people want to leave something behind once their time on earth has expired. They long to be remembered for something great they have done that leaves them in the clutches of greatness.

Is that really important? No, it is not. For life’s satisfaction comes from what you think of yourself, how well you’ve lived your life and what satisfaction it has brought you. The question should be. Did I do the best I could with the gifts that God had given me. Did I please him? Did I help another and did I share all that I had?

The truth is that No one really cares about another. Nor should they. These are things of the EGO and truly have no merit in the scheme of life. It is more important to be humble, loving, kind and engaged with another person so as to help them along their way. It is to be done with joy and gratitude. Be filled with happiness and enjoy the gifts of nature and friendship that have crossed you path for all things have a purpose.

Be patient and forgive those who have used you as a steppingstone along their way to success. For many are narcissistic and have no feelings or care for another person. They simply live in a void and to me it is sad to realize, yet it is not for me to judge but only to notice those things that do not belong in my world.

Wishing each of you the very best in your days to come.

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