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I Need Your Help

As I have written before, it all begins with a thought a computer or even a piece of paper to write upon. Then flow the words with or without a format. Your words will tell a story of fiction, nonfiction or fantasy. As for me, I use each of them in my telling. My books are basically true stories of people I have met or only know from social media. Some of them are from true situations that I have witnessed and have been an active part of the story as in ‘Behind the Glass Door.’ With ‘The Archer.’ I found an interesting soul from across the pond who captured me to the core. After knowing him for a time I was instructed by God to write of him. And so, I wrote his story as he revealed It to me. ‘Samantha’s Rig.’ Is the sequel to ‘Behind the Glass Door.’ I have left room for a continuance of this book as I have been requested by many to continue the tale.

Now I am working on Giselle the true story of my grandmother. Her story takes you back in time to World War 1 the atrocities of that time and the joys and sadness she lived.

Whether you are a new or seasoned Author, the process is time consuming and requires patience and fortitude. The name of this game is knowing how to market your product, making your name and books, (in this instance.) visible to the multitudes.

Of course, this is a difficult task and requires lots of research as there are so many different social media venues. You could hire your own marketing company, but this could be a financial burden as everyone is looking to make money and marketing is no different. There are many online blogs and articles that can help you in your quest to find your voice in the market of book selling. Much of this is new to me. My mentor Julie Loomer of Norway has given great advice and guidance. “She says. “There are a million ways to skin a cat in the advertising world.” And I certainly am very grateful for her lead and knowing.

I will be adding my name and book suggestions to Pinterest, Goodreads and other social media venues. I would appreciate it if you my friends and customers would share, write a review on Amazon or on Facebook. As I locate your thoughts about my work, I will be happy to repost and share with everyone.

Once again, I must thank each of you for you time and interest in me personally and in my work. It takes years to write a book and for me even the smallest recognition is appreciated.

I have recently released my book entitled ‘A Frog Named Dog’, which is part of my Dare to Dream series for children inspiring them to make their dreams come true. Other books of interest are. ‘The Archer,’ ‘Behind the Glass Door’ and ‘Samantha’s Rig.’ It is my dream that you enjoy and find interest in these works.

Have a wonderful weekend, be safe and enjoy life to the fullest.

Enjoy the rays of the sun and open yourselves to Hope. Keep on trying.

- Carol

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