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How to Begin.

Today I gave a class in beginner writing to some who are deciding to put pen to paper and express their innermost feelings and tales from the past. I suggest you begin your story as you choose. Remember that you will probably change your writing many times before you find the exact words you want to use. One Idea will lead to the next and you may find that the flow is out of context. If that is the case go back and reread and rewrite until you have a polished product of telling. Do not fear to write too much; you can always change your words so they make better sense. Allow your ideas to flow into you from many directions as you become the essence of water, just allow yourself to flow freely. Your thoughts and ideas will congeal into an epic tale of wonder and entertainment.

At first this is a chore of difficulty but the more you write the easier it becomes. use some history in your writing as to time , place as you tell a graphic story that shows empathy, compassion, mystery by using the magic of words. You can make your story one of tragedy, darkness and sadness oor one of light and hope for tomorrow. You are the creator and anything goes. There certainly are a million things to write about but allow your story to be one you have lived and know about. 

Then find yourself the perfect artist that can bring your book to life in picture form as you reveal many secrets on your journey.   

- Carol  

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