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Good Deeds

A client came in today to sign paperwork for me. He immediately went toward my books, and he had tears in his eyes. When he told me that he was a very avid reader, I could see the excitement permeate through his body. He even had tears in his eyes so I said to him go ahead, take one of each of each book. He told me that when he was in the service, that he was in China and was familiar with Wudang and tai chi and all of it, and then he was very interested and Behind the Glass Door and Samantha’s Rig. Once I said that I would just simply give them to him he started to cry, a grown man.

That was so beautifully sensitive, and then he filled me in. He told me that he and his entire family are avid readers, and that he is one of the heads of the Trinity book reading club here in West Palm Beach Florida. He promised that he would take all three of my books there and have these other readers take a chance on my books. My gosh one good deed certainly does wipe the hand of another. 

I’m very excited that I could offer him those books, and so happy that he is going to share them.

YEPPY!!! Have a great day everyone.


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