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Dreams do come true.

Dreams do come true

A lifetime can fly by as we wait for our futures to unfold. A woman waits for the love of her life as she makes herself busy with work as she tries to find happiness inside of her loneliness. This is a true and heart touching story of my youngest sister who in her youth struggled with great strength to find success financially and socially and to find the peace only love can bring. She was markedly successful in her business yet, still one thing was missing.  .

This is a story that is made of fairy tales and believing that God has a plan for you. My advice to you is to never give up on your dreams and never say never to all the hopes of tomorrow. 

My sister and many others were living in my Connecticut house when I was summoned to move on in my own life. My heart was heavy but it was time for me to move on and find a new way and new adventures. In doing so, my sister and another roommate were left on their own. In time, the wheels turned still going in the same direction of monotony. My sister finally decided, with much pause, to move to North Carolina. I'm sure that fear of the unknown hovered above her but she bravely moved forward with the support of the rest of the family. I knew and told her she would finally meet the man of her dreams. I was so right and now we all wait with great anticipation for her wedding day to arrive;  September 7th 2024 shall be that day of her dreams come true. 

As I am often reminded that God will have his way with you in his time and patience is a virtue worth waiting for. And so I send to you and Vito my hope for all the happiness and success life will bring to you both. 

The message here is to never stop believing in magic and to never count yourself out in the flow of life. There is always a surprise just around the corner. 

I hope you'll watch for upcoming pictures in the fall . . .

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