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Do you have a story within you?

Lately, many of my friends have expressed an interest in telling the stories of their lives that haunt many of them. They ask such questions as where do I begin? And how do I make sense of the craziness I’ve experienced?

My advice is this, have faith in yourself and meditate before you begin. By doing so you will open up channels which will take you on an amazing journey, bringing the entire universe inside of you, ever swirling and bringing phrases which will leave you asking, where did that come from? Begin, where you feel comfortable starting your book. It can be at the beginning, middle or end of your saga, for who is to say what is right for you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes for who is to judge you. As long as you are happy with your written page it is not for anyone to judge you although they may.

By writing your private thoughts and telling your personal story you will find it therapeutic relieving anxiety and freeing your soul in many circumstances. You will open a new pathway living your lives with a new sense of freedom. Don’t hesitate to expound on scenes as you relive your past and tell it with a certain passion that only you can express. Remember to feel the moments and be descriptive. It’s ok to bounce from one thought to another and you will find that soon the thoughts will meld together to make comprehensive sense of your tale.

Know that I have not forgotten any of you who have asked for my help and when I am finished with my projects, I will lend you an ear and some finger typing to assist you.

Be well and have a great day. Believe in yourselves lovingly.


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