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Dare to Dream

How did this all come to be? Years ago, when I would lounge on my back deck near the pool. I’d close my eyes and allow my mind to float freely. Thoughts came flooding in, many of which I could not refute. The words came in lyrical meters, short and sweet. I, as a singer and musician, found worth in the cadence of rhythms and soon little pages told a story of someone I loved. The first was ‘A Princess is Coming.’ An exciting account of the pending arrival of my most magnificent grand-daughter Sydney Elise. As I wrote I thought of all the dreams yet to come and the wonderful imagination she may have to create her every dream come true. For me, it was important to allow a child to have the freedom to be and Dare to Dream of anything their hearts desired. To Never stymie anything a child may share or desire, for within that thought all things will come to fruition.

I wrote the ‘Emerald Pond.’ Inspired by my sister’s creativity and desire to make beautiful dream like gardens, fill with a magical theme and fairies wistfully dancing on the wind, and a koi pond beyond your imagination. She "Dared to Dream" and made her thoughts into reality.

‘Taylor’s Dream’ a Lyrical book inspired by my Niece Taylor Lynn who in high school was interested in movies and their inner workings. Her family wanted her to go to college for her Bachelor in who knows what? Being a dreamer, I told her to follow her heart’s desire. She did, and now she is a Producer at ESPN in Farmington, Connecticut.

There are many more poems and short stories I have written too many to fill this article. Most importantly is the up coming lyrical book called ‘A Frog Named Dog.’ Which is almost ready for publication. By its title you can imagine the tale it will tell.

It is my hope that you will enjoy all that I have written and take interest in my,

Dare to Dream Series.

- Carol

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