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Choo-Production Books

I am very proud to announce that we here at Choo-Production Books have chosen to become our own production company and publisher. It is my own aspiration that during the next few years we will be able to bring to you interesting, informative, educational, intriguing books to spark your interest in learning one more thing you didn’t know the day before. And to find interest in my very special works that have required time consuming energy and creativity many times taking years to complete. Please note that I mix fiction, non-fiction and fantasy together in some of my works which draw in many different types of readers, for which I am very grateful.

My inspiration to open my own company was inspired by the fact that too many errors were never corrected by others who produced my works and that frustration has inspired this new endeavor. I sincerely hope you can forgive me for any bumps in your reading road and know that I will work very hard for perfection. I guess you could say that ‘Roman wasn’t built in a day.’ So, I thank you ahead of time for your kind understanding.

On this website you will visually see those books that have been published within the past few years and happily continue to thrive on the selling market.

‘The Archer’ stands as its own entity. ‘Behind the Glass Door’ is a story that I live in real life and its sequel is ‘Samantha’s Rig.’ I hope you will enjoy the journey.

At present I am working on Gisele a biographical work inspired by my Belgian Grandmother. It will take you back to World War I and the atrocities that ravaged Europe in 1914 and beyond.

I will also be producing my Dare to Dream series for young children. These books are intended to inspire young people to use and believe in their imaginations. As many of you realize that if you dream it long enough all your hopes and desires will become reality.
Thank You for joining us here. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the latests.
- Carol Cottone Choomack
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