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A Writer’s World

It isn’t everyday that I awaken with good writing ideas. There are many times I have no words of wisdom or of interest to share. I suppose you could call that writers block. Sometimes it can take weeks or even longer to get your mojo back on track.

Personally, my way back in, is to meditate and find a place of serenity, synchronizing myself with the flow of the universe. It is only then that I find my way to ideas and thoughts that may be beneficial to others and to my story line. The potions I use are singing bowls, white sage to clear any negative energy in my home. I also practice Tai Chi to align my mind, body and spirit to an equalization where healing occurs. I find that is a good beginning for any writer to start their journey into a realm of fiction and fantasy.

In these days of personal, as well as worldly turmoil it can be difficult to concentrate without concern or worry. Begin as an artist would, on a clean canvas, blank with the promise of magnificence at its end. You will be surprised at what will come to you and how quickly words will flow on your tapestry.

Do not ever be afraid of criticism. Remember this is your story to tell, your picture to draw and who is truly to say what is right or wrong. There is no wrong in storytelling, as it is a perception of your mind’s eye and how you choose to express yourself. Do not always listen to those who choose to make suggestions but be big enough to remove your ego from the equation for many times other’s thoughts, are of great consequence in making your story the best that it can be.

Luckily, I have many friends that put in their two cents worth and I certainly appreciate each and every one of them. You know who you are.

Best love as always. :)

- Carol

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