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A Frog Named Dog.

This blog is about my upcoming book A Frog Named Dog. The making of this book has taken approximately 8 years. From the beginning to the end, it has been an amazing journey.

The idea for this book was Inspired by my grandson Jacob for whom I wanted to do something special. Of course, when I read the book to him in its unfinished state, he quickly told me of his hatred for Frogs, calling them gross and slimy and he also reminded me that some are poison as well.

“Oh, gee Jake I’m sorry, I thought you might like it.” I said.

“Nope gramma, I don’t do Frogs.”

Sadly, I put my hands over my face but I was determined to persevere, because I loved the story and know beyond all doubt that every little boy and girl needs a special friend.

In the vastness of this world, I found the perfect artist out there and believe that God truly sent her my way. She is turning this book into a small and expanding masterpiece.

Julie Loomer is the artist that does all my book covers. I write expressing what I see and feel inside my head. Then when I asked her to give me a hand with this project she jumped in without hesitation. Her vision and expertise as an artist have allowed me the freedom of trust, to just let her create without too much direction from me. It is truly the only way to produce a project of magnitude and excellent.

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- Carol

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